my yoga studio - by kira løve

by kira løve

Yoga classes      
Intro discount - can only be bougth once      
3 yoga classes    dkr.  250,-  
Monthly card
1 month (events not included)    dkr. 549,-  
*Read about the term of agreement on my online booking.
Yoga classes
1 yoga class    dkr.  120,-  
5 yoga classes    dkr.  550,-  
10 yoga classes    dkr.  1000,- 
20 yoga classes    dkr.  1800,- 
40 yoga classes    dkr.  3200,- 
No enrollment fees.
Online payment and booking.
Easy and flexible.
Cancel your booking 4 hours before the class starts
- if you change your plans and want to keep your punch.
Cansellations must be made at the booking site
- and cannot be made by phone.
Intro card for 3 yoga classes is valid 3 month from the purchase date.
Punches are valid 1 year from the purchase date.
Monthly card: If signed in an not showing up for a class three days of your monthly card will be withdrawn.
At my yoga studio using the yoga mats and other yoga equipment is free of charge.

Intro package
Get started
3 yoga classes, 1 private session & a Jade yoga mat (value 1450,-) dkr.  1150,-
Private sessions
Yoga, Breathing, Meditation & Healing (60 min.)    dkr.  600,-
5 x private session (60 min.)    dkr.  2500,-
3 x private session (60 min.)    dkr.  1650,-
DISCOUNT: Healing sessions - save 100 dkr. Find the sessions online    dkr.  500,-
Private sessions - at your place*
OfficeYoga (60 min.)    dkr.  900,-
OfficeYoga (60 min.) - incl. rent of yoga mats    dkr.  1500,-
*The price is applicable within the Copenhagen area.